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Hand Painted Porcelain by Amy Enright

Welcome to Vintage Porcelain Art! I am an award winning porcelain artist with over 20 years experience. I specialize in the vintage "lost" art of china painting in the style of the old victorian masters as well as in the romantic, shabby and cottage chic style. Thank you for letting me share my art with you!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teacup Tuesday!

Thank you Martha and Terri for hosting Teacup Tuesday! I think it is going to be my favorite day! This particular cup and saucer is listed for sale in my eBay store. I'm sorry I'm only posting one today, but I'm out of town and not on my home PC. I promise to share more next week!


  1. That is a beautiful cup and saucer. I can see from your eBay store that all your work is exquisite.

  2. OMGoodness...I swoon just looking at your art work!!!

  3. Oh my you psint these your self? very clever!

    Love Dawn xx

  4. This is a beautiful cup. I always admire people who can paint like this. True talent. Several people including myself only post one cup at a time so we don't run out of things to post but from the looks of it you will have no end of lovelies to share. Take care.

  5. Meet you has been a pleasure! Your tea cup is lovely...

  6. Hello :) Your teacup is beautiful! Love your sweet handpainted roses; which I could paint like this, but alas, sewing is more my thing. I'll have to check your Ebay listings out :) Just beautiful.

    Happy Teacup Tuesday!

    Warmest, Brenda

  7. Your work is GORGEOUS!! I am so glad talented people like you are keeping this art alive!! Such a difference from a time gone by, when any lady worth her salt knew how to paint on china!!

  8. What a beautify piece! I am going to have a good look at your blog and catch up on your previous posts. What a talented person you are!

    Best wishes,

  9. This teacup is beautiful Amy! Can't wait to see more! Meeting you reminds me of Amy in the 1994 movie Little Women, played by Samantha Mathis, where she painted porcelain as well! Have you seen the movie?.. Nice to meet you today, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful first week of Summer! ~tina

  10. Good morning Amy and thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment on my cup.
    Yours is gorgeous, but then I am partial to roses or in fact any floral design. Florals just seem to make life a little more cheerful!
    Tina xo

  11. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. This teacup is beautiful, can't wait to check out the Etsy shop. I have an Etsy account but nothing is in it at this time. I put your site on my favotites and I will be back. BE BLESSED

  12. My o My!! That is one stunning tea cup!! So elegant looking!!
    I LOVE it!!


  13. Wait a minute .... you painted this???? That is absolutely incredible! I am in awe of your talent! Seriously!

    Thank-you for stopping by my blog to visit my little frog "tea party" ... hope it gave you a chuckle. I'm following you back and look forward to seeing more of your lovely artwork.

  14. Your cup is gorgeous!! Did you do the painting on it?

    I will have to stop by your store to see all your lovely work.

    Have a lovely day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  15. Hi Amy!
    Your teacup is so beautiful and looks like an antique!! Your handpainting is exquisite!!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  16. Hi Amy... Your teacup is gorgeous... love those dreamy roses!! My Grandmother painted china too... I always wish I had learned from her... it's a wonderful talent!

  17. Adore that pretty tea cup and saucer, Amy. You definitely have that "magic touch" with your china painting. Love and blessings always~ Vicki


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