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Hand Painted Porcelain by Amy Enright

Welcome to Vintage Porcelain Art! I am an award winning porcelain artist with over 20 years experience. I specialize in the vintage "lost" art of china painting in the style of the old victorian masters as well as in the romantic, shabby and cottage chic style. Thank you for letting me share my art with you!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Show and Tell Friday~ ECS Summer Rose Swap

Show and Tell Friday~ Thank you to My Romantic Home for hosting!

For my Show and Tell, I would like to share what I recieved for my Summer Rose Swap,

My swap partner was Virginia from Virginia's Vignettes

Whe the package arrived it felt like my birthday!  The package was beautifully packaged!  I wish I had thought to take a picture!  When I opened the box, the first thing i noticed was the wonderful delicate scent of roses......
When I dug further I found this.....
A BEAUTIFULLY decorated box, with porcelain doll head in a rose.....
There was also a carefully decorated and hand written note from her explaining the origin of the doll head.......
She said that the porcelain doll head is from Germany, and probably made circa 1800's. There is a man in Germany that digs these doll pieces out of the ground where the factories used to be!
Here is a link that Virginia shared on her blog with pictures of the man digging the doll heads out.....

Also inside the box I discovered the lovely smell of roses was from handmade rose scented soap, and a pretty little book she made me.........

This is one of my favorite images, you will most likely find this recreated on some porcelain soon!

What a wonderful gift, I love the history behind the doll head, what a wonderful conversation piece in the home of a china painter!  I will cherish it!


  1. oh wow! what beautiful gifts you got! all so pinky and rosy and beautiful!

  2. Amy, your painted china is unbelievably beautiful. I'm going to post your button on my blog.

  3. Hi Amy,

    Nice to meet you! I am visiting from Cindy's blog. Lovely china pieces! Such a great story about the vintage dolls! Soooo cool!! I have to check them out on e-bay. I have 2 dolls so far.
    Oh, and your little bunny is darling! Looks almost like the bunny we used to have. Same exact coloring! Her name was Thumper. She passed away 3 yrs ago in June. She was a house bunny too, but we put her in a cage at night. She chewed the wires, and the carpeting! Had to really watch her. But, she was like a puppy, and follwed you everywhere. Did you have a problem with your bunny chewing things? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amy...what a sweet gift. My mother will individually wrap things when she send me presents..and this so reminds me of her, the care in packing and the gifts themselves :) :) I can't wait to see the design you paint on porcelain:) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  5. You have so many pretty pinks!Hi. I am a new member of the Bloggerette Sorority. I am making my rounds to "meet" the ladies of the sorority and take a peek at everyone's blogs and pretties. Please visit me @

  6. Wow! Everything is just beautiful!
    Love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!


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